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One Punch Frisk (Cause I couldn’t think of anything that ended with tale for a title.)

Chapter Zero:  A miracle for a pacifist.

“I’ve saved everyone but you two, but there’s got be something I can do.”  A thought, a prayer, a wish was brought into existence.

A lone human child, tanned skinned, short messy brown hair, a headband covering her forehead, and the rest of her body was covered in a shorts, and iconic purple and blue striped shirt. This human’s name was Frisk. Her eyes filled with determination, as she walked to an old looking door. She carried her light  round, red, with blue stared Captain America Shield, and her boots clopped across this white room. Frisk  was in a place beyond the Underground, in a  place beyond her Earth, or even time and space.

A pure multi colored humanoid form with one glowing brown eye gazed upon something new in his realm.

“Well, well,  this is interesting.” The being spoke sounding slightly amused.

The human child wasn’t sure what to say. She looked around to find nothing but herself, this being, and the door.

“We’ll I wasn’t planning on seeing you here anytime soon Frisk,”  The being spoke showing a smile. The human girl looked surprised.

“How do you know my name?” The girl known as Frisk asked.

“Oh well I know a lot of things Frisk, after all…Im what some call The Universe, or God, or the Truth, but you can call me The Writer. Anyways no more about me, what about you? Why are you here?” The writer asked hovering the being’s body posture gave Frisk a bored impression.

“Well Mr.Writer, I’m here, cause I fell down into Mt.Ebott’s Underground. It was full of monsters that were trapped down there cause of the war. They wanted to get out but the only way to break the magic barrier was to have seven human souls. I met and befriend all the monsters, even the ones that wanted to kill me and take my soul. I’ve  got a new family in them now..” Frisk said with smile.

“Anyway some stuff happened there was this evil flower who wanted the human souls to become a God and screw over the world, but I didn’t let him, and it turns out he was my new mom’s son who died, and I also met another girl who was also my new mom’s first daughter, but she died cause of a plan that didn’t go well… and it’s all really nuts and crazy.” Frisk started to babble before having to stop and take a breath.

After the human took a breath  She started again. “Still I was able to free the monsters from the Barrier that over time became alive and evil, and it was magically influencing everyone to slowly lose hope, and oppress everyone…but I beat it, and saved everyone…expect for two people….Two people who should get a happy ending, Im I guess Im here to find a way to give it to them!”  Frisk finished before running out of breath again.

The being wasn’t even looking at the child. From what Frisk could tell The Writer was…actually watching a youtube video of her adventures.

“Hmmm I see…well..that explains the six extra souls in your body.” The god like being said making the video disappear. Frisk noticed that her body was glowing, and the girl tucked up her shirt, exposing her stomach and underdeveloped chest, which was censored the viewing public.  Her red heart looking soul was glowing and joined by six other human souls.

“I just thought that I could find a way to save Chara and Asriel…I want Mom and…Asgore to have their kids back. Also these other souls…they should have another chance too. What happened to them..wasn’t fair. None of this  was fair.” Frisk muttered putting her shirt back down.

The Writer looked at the girl.

“Life’s not fair kid…..” The writer spoke truthfully.

“Can you help me?” Frisk asked, “If you can’t I’ll find another way. I promised that I would save everyone, and I don’t break a promise.”  Frisk added.

The writer laughed at the child.

“I admire your resolve, so human…actually with all those souls..your more of a demi god right now. So what you want to do, I can help you with. But it’ll come with a price.” The Writer said grinning, causing Frisk’s hair to stand on end.

Frisk took a breath, and sighed. She took attacks from all sorts of monsters in the Underground to win their trust. What was a little more pain to her?

“So…do you want an arm or a leg, or both?” Frisk asked taking the God figure aback.

“Frisk, this isn’t Full Metal, I don’t want that.” The Writer laughed.  Frisk tilted the side of her head wondering what the Writer wanted in return.

“If you have any chocolate on you, I think I could bend the rules of life and death for you.” The writer hinted.

Frisk quickly checked her pockets. She found a snickers bar and a kit kat bar.

“I got these.”  Frisk said holding out the candy bars that the Writer craved.

“Very well…then we have a deal!” The Writer stated while shaking the trusting child’s hand.

Frisk suddenly felt very odd. All the surge of power from the six other human souls left her, returning Frisk back into a regular human child. She also felt something else leave her body. Ever since she came into the Underground, Frisk had these feeling of someone else being with her. Later she found out that the feeling was the remains of Chara. The process made Frisk drop to her knees. The images Chara and Asriel went into her mind.

The large stone door slowly opened. Frisk looked at to find outside of it. were two people. One floppy eared white furred goat monster boy, and the other a pale, pinked cheeked human girl with brown hair and freckles.

“YES!” Frisk cried out with Joy as she ran and grabbed a hold of the monster and human kid who were slowly waking up.

“…I..I have a soul..Im…Im not a flower anymore!” Asriel spoke baffled, starting to cry. After so long as Flowey the Flower, he could actually feel things again.

Frisk nodded smiling.

“…I have a soul again, and I’m alive. Asriel we’re alive!  I missed you so much!” Chara yelped.

“I missed you too Chara.” The goat prince of the monsters bawled out as the two siblings hugged it out after all this time.

Frisk was so happy, she was glad to let the two have their moment. Then Asriel roped her into their hug, forcing Frisk to drop her shield.

“Frisk…” Chara started to mumble, causing the pacifist to look in her direction.

“I’m…Im sorry, Im sorry for what I almost made you do. I don’t deserve any of this. You’ve got every right to hate me. Im a demon child…are you…would you actually want me in your life?” The girl admitted sadly very unsure about herself.

Frisk just gave her a smile.

“I already said I forgive you silly. Lets put all that stuff behind us and live our lives on the surface.” Frisk said. Asriel gave the two girls a hopeful look.

“What if I slip up and do something bad again?” Chara mumbled.

“Then I’ll just have to stop you and bring you back to your senses Sis.” Frisk said winking at her. Chara gave a small smile in return.

“Wow, you really are too nice for your own good.” Chara chuckled. The three kids then started to notice they were vanishing.

“Ah no we’re gonna die again!”  Asriel yelped in a panic.

“Relax, I’m just taking you back the the Underground. Everyone’s waiting for you. Oh Frisk don’t worry I’ve already taken care of the other  souls. They won’t be misused ever again.” The writer spoke.

“Thank you Mr.Writer!” Frisk said waving her hands as a farewell.

“Don’t thank me kid, you worked hard for your happy ending. Just keep that determination, and make your new story a good one.” The Writer requested before the three children vanished from his realm.

“And remember…no crying until the end.” The writer spoke. unaware something else left the old stone doors before closing.

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One Punch Frisk
The human child Frisk has saved the monsters of Mt.Ebott. However she's got two other people to save. With a deal from a divine being known as The Writer, she's done just that. Now Frisk with her new friends and family will have to deal with life on the surface,  flashbacks to the game, but different key events. things from Frisk's past, therapy lists, new jobs, love, divorce, puns, Papyrus actually learning to cook proper pasta, actors turning into real life Avengers,  really bad puns, SJWs, red neck bigots,  visitors from other timeline and dimensions. Chara's remorse and self loathing, an old horror wanting to steal Chara and the fact that Frisk can blow things up with a singe punch. But hey as long as everyone stays determined, Im sure everting will be mostly fine.

The following ships will be.



Female Frisk/ Asriel

Female Frisk/Female Chara?

Female Chara/OC?

Asgore/His Right hand.

Papyrus/Pewdipie bromance

Im just winging it with this one. Review, fave do whatever.
Pokemon Black and White Rebirth

Chapter 10: Knowledge is power.

“Okay Sabrina, what happened this morning…” Ash went off as his and Pikachu’s minds went back.

The five trainers and their pokemon were up at the break of dawn, after some early training for Ash, Iris and Cheren, followed by a fantastic as always breakfast from Cilan, the gang was ready to go. As they walked, they were getting closer and closer to the next city.

“Alright! I can’t wait for my next gym battle! I have a full plan, no mistakes this time! I’ll wipe the floor with Lerona!” Cheren shouted, getting himself pumped for the battle ahead. “I'm right with you on that, Cheren!” Ash and Pikachu added. Iris gave an amused smile. “Well while you two have fun with that, I'm gonna finally have Axew learn Dragon Dance!” Iris shouted with her fist in the air just as excited as the other two. With Axew and Bianca cheering them all on, Cilan smiled at the display.

Purloin unlike everyone else was keeping an eye out for any possible threat to their safety. In a sense she was glad that her present Ash, Pikachu, and company were happy and full of good spirits, but she swore she was the only soldier in a group full of civilians. While the training was going better, sometimes she wondered if everyone besides her and Lady Snivy weren’t treating the war against Plasma like a game. Pikachu saw Purloin’s frustrated look, and joined in looking around. She gave him a thankful smile.

The extra set of eyes and ears were a saving grace, when the two heard something.

“GET DOWN!!” Purrloin screamed as the cat pokemon forced her beloved and trainer on the ground. Iris urged everyone to do the same. They looked to see the trees behind them were stabbed with six throwing knives.

“What on earth?!” Cilan asked, baffled as everyone was being surrounded by Team Plasma grunts. All pointing their weapons at them and a pack of Lepearids, Watchogs, Hurdlers, Gurdurrs, and a few cubchoos backing them up. Iris was trying her hardest not to look freaked out with all the ice type around her and Axew.

A few plasma grunts were pushed aside by another man and pokemon.

A man and pokemon that Purrloin sadly knew all too well. A tall blond human man covered from head to toe in a black Plasma uniform. However unlike the white knight look of the common grunt, this one seemed like a modern pirate, with what looked like cowboy boots on the man’s feet. The pokemon beside him was a Deowott with a scar over his left eye. The time traveling cat’s mind suddenly went form the grassy forest to a military base in the middle of the ocean, soldiers and pokemon scrambling about to trying to fight off an attack, their comrades dropping like flies along with the unlucky plasma soldiers. Her future Ash and Richu getting a hold of her while running off to a helicopter, gazing at an ominous giant figure into the distance. However Purloin forced herself back into the present.

“So you two are the ones the king wants. See ya brought some friends.” The man in charge of the grunts said as he twirled a throwing knife with his fingers. His Dewott was doing the same with his two shells. “You pups can call me Blade Dewott.” The man introduced.

Pikachu, Axew, and Purloin were about to go on the attack, but that only got swords pointed at their trainers and friends necks.

“Wouldn’t do that if I were you.” The man warned with a smirk, enjoying the looks on their faces and their feeling of powerlessness.

“Now…I’m a fair man. Your out numbered, and have no chance of getting out of this alive. The king only wants you and the Red wannabe.” The southern accented man stated, while walking back and forth speaking to Iris directly.

“If ya’ll come quietly,and release your pokemon, you’ll be treated fairly. And I’ll even let the pretty boy and the two young pups go. Or you could do the stupid thing and we take you by force… and none of the boys here got an issue with hurting ya.”

Most of them gave the man a glare. Pikachu, and Purloin were scowling at the water pokemon who gave his own smug stare. Axew and Bianca looked very worried. Then Iris got an idea.

“Alright, you win. We surrender.” Iris said putting her hands up. Everyone gave her a look of pure shock and horror.

“Iris no!” Bianca and Cheren cried out. Cilan gave a worried look, but a few quick glances from Ash and her showed him that they had a plan.

“Don’t worry guys, it’s for the best. Just put the swords down and let our friends go.” Iris requested.

Blade Dewott gave the grunts a signal, and they reluctantly put their swords away, A few moved out of the way to allow Cilan, Cheren, and Bianca to get out of their field of posable attack.

“Alright Missy, I did my end of the bargain, now start releasing your pokemon.” The black cladded plasma member snapped, the grunts loudly agreeing with him.

“Ash, why don’t you go first. I wanna say goodbye to Axew.” Iris said in a pitiful tone, holding on to her dragon. Ash got out Tepig and Snivy’s poke balls.

He sent out the fire pig and grass snake, both looking for a battle. “Guys... I'm letting you-Tepig Smokescreen, Snivy attract and leaf storm!” The Kanto trainer yelled. Before the Plamsa grunts could react every male pokemon were under Snivy’s spell and the grunts were knocked over by her leaf storm. Blade, and his Deowott included. Our heroes were covered in a thick smoke screen. Making their escape on the trees or on the ground.

As the Plasma agent got up. He gave a grin.

“I was hoping they’d try something, not bad, Missy. Alright boys hunt em down!” Blade Deowott and his pokemon ordered. The grunts who had pokemon ready to fight chased after the escaped heroes.

Our heroes took to the tree tops, climbing, swinging, and running for dear life. Barely able to get away incoming attacks. Bianca, the poor thing, still panicking, was just trying to get away faster. As she got further than her friends, the blond ran into a spotted wild Foongus. Out of sheer terror the ditzy girl screamed her head off and made her body run

Cheren was getting irritated at having to run, and after a few more jumps, he thought it would be best to thin out the numbers. He looked to find Ash, Iris, and Cilan thinking the same thing. He pulled out Scoelpedde, Beaky, and Throw’s poke balls.

“Scoelpedde Rollout, Throw, Brick Break all on their faces and Harrers! Beaky aireral ace those Gurdurrs," He commanded.

“Pidove, give Beaky a hand too. Tepig Ember on those little ice bear pokemon, Pikachu, Purrloin, Thunder Bolt and Hyper Beam those Watchdogs, and Gurdurrs!, Snivy, Oshawott handle that Dewitt!" Ash told his own team.

“Axew, Dragon Rage as many as you can!” Iris cheered as her dragon charged up the attack.

“Pansage, asset Lady Snivy and Oshawott.” Cilan advised. Cilan had also being using sign language to tell Pansage to use bullet seed when the timing was perfect. The green monkey understood.

The grunts were taken aback by the the downward bombardment. Half of the dog pokemon were crushed by speeding rolling, massive bug. The fighters, were being distracted by the two birds, and held back by Throw. Tepig was able to burn and take out a few of the cubchoos. Still Iris and Axew had to bend over backwards to dodge their ice attacks. Axew was having a hard time charging up his attack.

Lady Snivy, Pansage, and Oshawott jumped down trying to get to their target. He and his trainer gave taunting smirk, that Oshawott and Lady Snivy wanted to remove. However the many other grunts and their pokmeon were getting in the way. Thankfully, Pikachu and Purloin were able to clear some of he way for the three. Pikachu focused on the watchogs with Thunder Bolt. And Purloin went for whoever he missed with the hyper beam, adding a dust cloud to the battlefield. The grass snake, leaf monkey, and samurai otter pokemon in the making used this to their advantage. Ash’s two pokemon got ready their leaf blade, and razor shell, Pansage cleverly dug underground as the two clashed blades with Deowott’s own razor shells.

“Hey your pretty good!” Deowott said with mock praise. The pokemon twirled around, parrying each strike. Deowott used X-sissor on Lady Snivy catching her off guard as she gasped in pain.

“You a bitch!” Oshawott yelled as he charged in trying to attack Deowott again. For all his effort, all the Unova water starter got were dodged blows. It ended with a shove that sent him into Pansage returning to the surface. Disoriented Pansage opened fire, but hit Oshawott by mistake damaging him greatly. Both Ash and Cilan were taken aback. Deowott finished with a quick razor shell knocking out the young otter.

Lady Snivy fired attract, sadly Pansage was forced in the middle of the attack, causing him to unfortunately become smitten with the grass snake in spite of her harsh protests. It didn’t help matters in their favor when Deowott used X-sissor and Ice beam, heavily damaging both grass types.

Ash and Cilan returned their pokemon out of protection. Cheren was growling, he watched that his own pokemon were starting to tire and take hits. So he returned them all as well. Iris was finally able to get a clear shot, and the tiny dragon opened fire on her command. He was able to wipe out quite a few members However the remaining ice type pokemon and Blade’s Dewitt all fired ice beams. Iris was able to dodge most of them, but a few had been able to make the poor dragon faint, and catch his trainer frozen between a tree.

Ash with his aura staff, and Tepig’s used ember to get her free. Tepig was then attacked by Deowott using Aqua Jet, making him faint. Ash returned his pokemon, and then the attacking Pokemon slashed at the boy’s shoulder feeling white hot pain all over his body, almost falling out of the tree. Cilan, Iris and Cheren grabbed him, and gave him support. Pikachu and Purloin however were out for blood as they zapped and clashed with Deowott. While Pikachu had the type advantage and Purrloin fought dirty. Deowott was holding his own, and his trainer was adding his own throwing knives into the mix forcing the two pokemon to keep their distance or change targets so none of the Plasma’s agents knives couldn’t hurt anyone.

Cilan wasn’t liking the odds. Their pokemon were either fainted, low on health, or starting to tire out and now, they were starting to become surrounded from below by not only the remaining Plasma grunts, but also some reinforcements. Things didn’t seem good for any of them. Pikachu, and Purloin heard a distant whistling noise, and the whole lot of them were suddenly up in the air. Everyone looked up to see they were all picked up by four large purple and black big eared bat like dragon looking pokemon.

“These are Noivern! What are they doing all the way from Kalos!?!” Cilan cried out struggling.

“Relax Cilan. these guys are saving us.” Iris said having translated the pack of pokemon’s good intent. “Thanks for the ride to town guys.” Iris said rubbing her a leg in appreciation.

Cheren was looking around trying to find Bianca. He was hoping she had somehow managed to get to town. Ash was thinking about how he needed to catch one of these guys ASAP, trying to not think about the pain he was in. Pikachu was trying to comfort his best bud, Purloin shot out shadow balls, trying to actually kill a few of their attackers, until they were at a safe distance.

The Plasma agent cursed having lost his targets. After the Plasma grunts and their pokemon picked themselves up, both Deowott’s eyes were wide open.

“GET BACK RETREAT!!!” They yelled. However many henchmen humans and pokemon were blown away by a massive aura blast. Agent and pokemon alike just barely were able to get away from the attack. Only to find an Absol and Mega form Lucario standing right next to them.

“Now you fight a grown up jackasses!” They heard a woman’s voice. Del, aka Ink Spot was more then ready to throw down. Blade but pulled out a few Ultra balls.

“Well this might actually be fun.” He admitted wanting to fight someone who got the drop on the Shadow Triad. His pokemon nodded in agreement.

The four trainers and their pokemon were dropped by the Kalos natives near the Pokemon Center by Nacrene City. “Thanks guys!” Ash and Iris cried out as the pokemon left.

Cilan turned to the trainer “Alright Ash, let me see your shoulder, I need to treat your wound.” The gym leader spoke. The teenager slowly nodded and let his friend see the slash on his shoulder, as Cilan took out a medical kit from his bag.

Cheren was tapping his foot impatiently, looking around for their missing blond friend. Cilan got busy disinfecting, and bandaging up Ash’s wound with Iris’s holding on to Ash’s hand for support. They all heard a whistle blowing, spotting an Officer Jenny. She rushed toward them, and before Cilan could tell her of their assault. All four humans and pokemon were whacked on the head with a baton, and their arms forced into handcuffs.

“You punks are under arrest for landing in a no fly zone, and carrying an illegal weapon!” The police officer yelled as she snatched the aura staff out of Ash’s hands, while everyone was yelping or gasping in pain.

“Wait we can explain! We were attacked by-“ Cilan was trying to tell them their plight before he was interrupted the hot tempered cop.

“Right, you hoodlums can tell me all about your little gang fight back at the station.” Jenny muttered forcing the lot of them up and to move.

“Who says hoodlum anymore?” Cheren thought to himself before getting shoved to move.

“I’ll have you know I'm a Gym Leader of Striation City!” Cilan protested.

“Oh of course you are, and I'm the Grand Champion.” Officer Jenny muttered with sarcastic mockery.

“Actually… I can confirm Cilan’s gym leader status if you’d like, Officer.” They all heard a new voice. Cilan looked mighty pleased to see the owner of the voice, recognizing her right away while the officer looked very worried. The three young trainers weren’t familiar with this tall, wide hipped, dark skinned woman. Cheren’s eyes gazed at the large green hair, the woman’s forehead was covered in a orange and while striped headband, which matched her earrings, white shirt, and green pants. The woman’s green eyes and posture looked like she commanded respect authority. She gave the officer a harsh look.

“Now I hope you’ve read them their rights this time, before assaulting these trainers. A gym leader for something like that at best is a ticket. I’d hate to have to file another complaint to your Lieutenant…again.” The second gym leader asked, knowing the answer based off past history.

“Well…no.” The officer muttered and biting her lip, only making the woman in charge shake her head.

“Then I suggest you let them go, and be on your way.” The woman said with a smirk. Forcing the officer’s hand to release everyone. “Just…don’t cause any trouble punks, or I will be back!” The Jenny warned before storming off, allowing the four to relax.

“Thank you for the help, Lenora.” Cilan said shaking his Co-gym leader.

“Think nothing of it Beanstalk…Oh and does this belong to you?” “ Lenora asked in a joking manner as she revealed a puffy eye Bianca, who Cheren quickly grabbed a hold of.

“I'm sorry.” She mumbled.

“Grr… just don’t run off like that again.” Cheren grumbled.

“Cilan, your little friend told me what was going on with you. Get your pokemon all healed up, then come see me. I won’t be having any gym battles today.” The normal gym leader stated, disappointing both Cheren and Ash, Cilan just nodded.

The five of them went to see Nurse Joy and have all their Pokemon healed. Ash and Pikachu looked at the phones and called home.

“Ash, I think that’s more then a bit of trouble.” Sabrina muttered after Ash and Pikachu finished telling her the events.

“Look, I know I can’t stop you from fighting these Team Plasma guys, but please try to bit more careful.” Sabrina asked, giving the two a worried look.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be more careful.” Ash assured they psychic gym leader.

“Be sure that you do…and if you need help. I'm here for you. Call me if you need me...” Sabrina requested. She approved Ash and Pikachu’s nod, while giving a yawn.

“I think you should get some sleep.” Ash said chuckling.

“I think your right, good night you two.” Sabrina said hanging up on the phone. Ash and Pikachu smiled before calling another number.

“Hey Professor Oak, can I get out one of my pokemon for a little bit?” He asked, Pikachu wondering.

“So you guys don’t have TM’s here?” The Dragon Master in training asked the shop clerk.

“Sorry Miss, we do have a TM store across the street.” The shop clerk pointed out.

“Thank you.” Iris said, as she turned away hearing the dinging, that their pokemon were healed.

Iris held onto her Axew, snuggling him fresh from the healing chamber. He in turn snuggled his mother figure back. All five trainers were able to get their pokemon back in full health. Iris noticed Ash brought in a seventh poke ball. Still no one was sure what to really say after the scary ordeal. Then everyone’s stomaches suddenly growled all at once.

“I believe after an ordeal like that, lunch would seem very appropriate. “ Cilan said.

Soon everyone dined on the Pokemon Center’s food. Cilan couldn’t help but chuckle watching both Ash and Iris munch down their food with such gusto at the same time. Bianca was quick to stuff herself and her Pokemon, while Cheren was still being a fussy eater and trying to remove all the vegetables from his meal.

“What’s so funny, Cilan?” The blond girl asked, hearing Cilan laugh a bit louder.

“Oh just how similar Ash and Iris can be.” The first gym leader stated

“HUH?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?!” Both trainers yelped, with food in their mouths.

“Well...hehe...your both very similar.” Cilan spouted as the two trainers looked at each other then then back at their green haired friend in confusion, while Bianca was trying to see it too. Cheren just glanced and went back into picking his food.

“AHA! I’VE FOUND YOU AT LAST, CILAN!!!” They heard someone scream. They all turned around to find a purple haired woman in a sharp red and black bow tied suit.

“Prepare yourself Missour Cilan, for I the Grade A Pokemon Connoisseur Burgundy have come for my revenge for the humiliation you brought upon me!” The girl shouted in a overly dramatic fashion, while pointing her index finger.

Everyone in the Pokemon center looked at this Kalos accented girl like she was some kind of whack job.

“I’m so sorry mademoiselle, but who are you?” Cilan asked unable to recall this woman.

That however was clearly the wrong thing to say, since the self proclaimed Grade A Pokemon Connoisseur looked about ready to maul the gym leader right on the spot. However she was grabbed by her shirt collar by the Nurse Joy,

“Excuse me miss, if you're going to have a battle then I suggest you do it outside, otherwise I shall have to remove you from the Center.” The nurse warned.

“Hehe, oh of course Nurse Joy.” Burgundy mumbled before being let go. She gave Cilan a harsh glare, removing one of her gloves and slapped Cilan with it.

“Hey what was that for?” Ash yelled. “What’s your problem, you can’t just go around assaulting people like that for no good reason!” Iris added to the protest. However they were countered with a slap to the face as well, that caused Pikachu to spark threateningly, Purloin to hiss, and Axew to show his baby fangs.

“Lowly peasant brats should be seen at most, not heard! This poor excuse of a man has insulted my pokemon, years ago, and stained my honor. For his crime I shall have vengeance! Meet me outside the cafe, tomorrow at dawn for our duel! Unless you are a sniveling coward.” The trainer demanded before making an exit.

There was a long awkward pause after her leave,until Cheren spoke in a deadpan tone.

“I'm not sure what I find more annoying about her, her fake accent or her obnoxious attitude.” The trainer muttered, finally finished with his meal.

“Well it seems I have wronged her some way, so I’ll hopefully this challenge will be able to correct whatever issue she has.” Cilan mused.

“Sounds like pain in the neck, but you do what you gotta do.” Iris muttered.

Cilan then got up from his chair.

“Well Lenora wants me to meet with her. I'm hoping you four can stay out of trouble while I'm away.” Cilan said in a joking manner.

“Don’t worry Cilan, I’ll make sure nothing happens to these little kids.” Iris teased.

“We’re the same age Iris, when are you gonna stop calling me a little kid?!” Ash growled.

“Oh relax Ash, I was mostly referring to Bianca and Cheren.” Iris said with a wink causing some ire from Cheren.

“I don’t need to be babysat Iris. Come on Bianca, lets go do some training!” Cheren said getting up. However Bianca looked rather annoyed at her friend.

“What?” He asked.

“Cheren, we just ran for our lives from some scary bad guys and all you want to do is train? Can’t we take a break?” The blonde requested.

“We just ate….” Cheren not understand what Bianca meant.

“Well I want to do something else other then train, or have our pokemon fight.” Bianca said pouting.

“How else are we gonna get stronger Bianca?!” Cheren argued.

“We can train later, can I just…can we just watch some TV please?” The rookie trainer begged. Even giving everyone the puppy dog stare…and no one, not even Purloin could deny her.

“Alright Bianca, we’ll find you a TV so you can watch what you want okay? “Iris said humoring the girl.

“Thank you!” Bianca said cheerfully.

The four of them managed to find a unused TV and a chair for Bianca to sit. Ash handed her the remote, and the blond girl sat herself and her pokemon, while she was flipping channels. Cheren was trying to leave, but Bianca had very good grip on his arm. He scowled at her smiling face.

“You aren’t gonna let go until I watch something with you?” He guessed. Bianca only smiled and nodded her head, causing Iris to giggle.

Cheren used his free hand to adjust his glasses and sigh.

“Alright, I’ll watch something with you. Care to join us guys?” Cheren asked, trying to not be the only stuck watching whatever his friend had in mind.

“Oh we would, but Ash and I are gonna go look at TM, right Ash?.” Iris said roping the Kanto trainer in her plans.

“Oh yeah sure.” Ash muttered thoughtlessly.

“Now don’t cause any trouble while we’re gone okay?” Iris requested.

“Yes mom.” Cheren muttered sarcastically as the two left.

As the two walked by the warehouse buildings, they scouted around for a TM shop. Pikachu and Purloin were wondering why Ash was so quiet. “Hey Iris, I see it.” He said pointing at the sign that read Cheap TMS. The two ran, hoping to get a look and see at some possible moves they could have their pokemon learn. Iris hoped she’d have the coveted Dragon Dance, and any other moves for Axew to master.

Entering the city, a brown haired older woman in a blue suit, walked the streets, clicking her heels on the side walk, carrying a clip broad. She scanned the photo of a small, dark skinned, purple haired wild child on her clip broad. And adjusted her glasses.

“He said she was in the city. This a better not be a wild ducklett chase. I will find Iris this time.” The woman grumbled, as she kept walking

End of chapter.
Pokemon Black and White Rebirth Ch 10
Would you people believe me if I said this chapter had a lot of cut content from the story and had to be rewritten four times?

Anyways we have Lenora our second gym leader. Also a new OC working for Team Plasma, Blade Deowott. He'll be sort of a wild card, but he's kinda my pokemon universe's version of Metal Gear Solid's  Revolver Ocelot. Also we have Cilan's rival Burgundy. To any of her fans, Im sorry but I find her very, very obnoxious and she's a bit of challenge, while I haven't been sticking the anime as much as some would like me to, i've gone in a different direction, but don't worry Cilan and Burgundy will still have their rivalry even if it is one sided.

As for what Bianca's getting Cheren hooked on and what she'll get the rest of her friends watching...that'll be shown next chapter.
The New traveler. Birthday gift To DelDiz

The galaxy was big, vast, and full of life. Tons of lifeforms and weirdos. Some lived normal lives, others rose the larger ambitions. Some wanted to be heroes, some wanted to be galaxy conquering villains, a few mentally disturbed wanted to watch everything fry and die. Then there were the wandering weirdos that just wanted to travel around the galaxy, see something cool and make a new friend.

Now normally this would be the part where two of the galaxy’s most well known traveling do gooders Wander and Sylvia.  Well they’ll show up, but lets go down onto a small planet.

A planet that was very very tiny. On the unnamed world stood  Izzy the Watchdog. The long lashed green sweater wearing eyeball  was tap dancing all over the place. Her floating boom box played the funky music she loved oh so much.

She closed her eyes and kept dancing…only to figure out that she was no longer on any solid ground. The watchdog opened her eye to find herself between the two claws of a giant lizard looking  snake alien that manage to pop out of the ground of the bare planet. Looking like a large worm coming out of a tiny apple.

“TURN OFF THE MUSIC!!!” He roared as it threw the now screaming Izzy into space.

 Luckily for Izzy she activated her clear breathing helmet so she wouldn’t end up a gooey mess as she was pinballed across space, screaming her head off.

Meanwhile on a not too distant planet.

Lord Hater the self proclaimed greatest villain in the galaxy with his army of Watchdogs finally had his hated  enemies Wander and Sylvia minutes away from knocking on deaths door. Both were bound to a metal table, about to meet their doom by a slow laser.

Commander Peepers held Wander’s trusty banjo, the key that could save both their necks.

“Well Sylvia,  if this is how we go, then Im glad I get to go with my best buddy.” Wander lamented.

“Same here pal, Im not seeing away out of this!” Sylvia muttered as she kept trying struggling to break free.

“Hahahaha!! Yes! YES Im finally gonna destroy Wander, NOTHING CAN RUIN THIS!!! HAHAHAHA!!!”Lord Hater screamed  laughing evilly as his watchdogs were chanting Lord Hater, Best Villan, over and over as the laser was getting closer to killing Wander and Sylvia.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!” They all heard someone scream. Izzy falling from the sky landed smack dab into the gloating villains, exploding the laser, stopping it just in time. The woman watchdog quickly stole a laser gun from a baffled watch dog and fired it at the two traveling heroes restraints.

“Well that was lucky.” Both said as the two got out of dodge.

Izzy was trying to get away as the troops of evil fired a barrage of laser fire on her. She managed to grab on to Syliva’s tail as the two traveling weirdos got in their bubble and got off the planet.

“Hi there!” Wander said holding out his hand out to the eye ball girl.

“Hi…Im Izzy, and can you two take me to a hospital?” Izzy requested as she looked at a broken leg.

“Aright kid, one hospital visit coming up.” Sylvia muttered.

And that was how Izzy meet the two wandering weirdos, who later became her friends.
The new traveler. Gift to DelDez.
Sorry this isn't much, but Im hoping you'll like my  gift A new character Izzy the wandering Watchdog. Happy Birthday Del

Don't let this be forgotten, spread this around. Do not let these deaths be allowed to happened again. We exist because God wants us to be.
Chapter 8.

Donald Duck, and Goofy had disembarked from the Gummi Ship. The Disney Kingdom’s captain of the guard and court mage looked at everyone wondering about the battle that took place. Sora slowly woke to find his old friends, and smiling as he was pulled up.

“Up you go, Sora.” Riku said, helping him find some balance.

“Donald, Goofy, it’s great to see you…” Sora said in spite of feeling groggy.

“It’s great to see you again, Sora, but we need your help!” Donald told them.

“It’s King Mickey, he’s really sick!” Goofy added on.

“Oh no!” Kairi gasped as everyone looked worried.

“What’s he sick with?” Riku asked, concern for his old friend. The two looked to each other.

“We dunno, we’ve tried every spell and potion but nothing’s workin'.” Goofy went on.

“Is there anything we can do?” Master Aqua asked, as Donald and Goofy’s eyes went wide.

“AQUA?!” Both of them yelped as Aqua smiled.

“It’s been a long time you guys, what did you two forget about me?” Aqua asked in a playfully teasing way.

“Well…kinda.” Both admitted sadly. Aqua was a bit taken aback that her friends did forget about her, but she didn’t hold it against them since they had only met a few times.

“We’ll we can play catch up later, now I’ll ask again. What can we do to help Mickey’s condition?” The Master asked in a much more serious manner knowing it would be one more thing to add to their to do list.

Before Donald and Goofy could speak a low, cold howling wind came blowing through causing everyone to shiver. The Beast then slowly stood up and looked at everyone, and his old allies.

“ Master Aqua, I think it would be best if we discussed matters inside.” The Beast requested in a soft, low and humble voice. “Come all of you, we must bare the awful news to the rest.” The prince spoke regretfully, and everyone returned to the west wing of the castle.

As they walked down the halls, Adam lowered his head in shame. Sora saw this and put his hand on his friend’s shoulder. The beastly prince looked at Sora who gave him cheerful smile.

“Hey, I know things look bad now, but we’ll get Belle back. We’ve done it before, and we can do it again.” The spiky haired boy encouraged.

“Sora’s right!” Kairi chimed in. “We’re all in this together, so please don’t think your alone or go blaming yourself.” The princess of light said beaming. After some more walking the Beast turned to the two having what they said sink in with a smile. His heart full of determination!

“Yes… you're both right! I will save Belle, and nothing shall stand in my way! No Heartless, witch or curse will get in the way of our happiness!” Prince Adam declared at everyone’s delight.

“Well said my students, well said.” Aqua said approvingly as they moved forward.

“So your a teacher now, Aqua?” Goofy asked.

Riku laughed. “Boy are you guys in need of catching up." As the others filled the two in on everything that had been going on for the past few days.

On the ground floor at the living room Mulan, Mushu, Yuna, Rikku, Painie, Tidus, Lea, Namine, the servants, Morris, a headache recovering Roxas, and Xion were recovering from the battle. Lea was mostly talking to Roxas and Xion making sure they were okay. Mulan, and Namine we’re the first to notice that the others were back.

Belle’s father looked rather frightened upon seeing the monstrous man in spite of the assurances from everyone including Belle that he wasn’t a monster.

“Everyone… while we had won the battle to protect this castle… I'm afraid that Belle had been taken captive by the forces of darkness... “ Aqua spoke up, watching the servants turned to sorrow, Morris cried in his hands while her students looked disappointed in their failure.

“However!” The Beast spoke up, as he went down to the steps in a commanding and regal tone getting everyone’s attention. He walked down to the sobbing old man, and gently put a paw over his shoulder. Once the man removed his head from his face, he was greeted by his daughter’s love trying his best to look assuring.

“I will not stop until I bring her back home. This I swear!” Prince Adam proclaimed.

“And sir, I am truly sorry that I held you hostage, and failed to protect your daughter. I will do everything in my power to make up for my mistakes.” The Beast sworn to the inventor.

He looked bewildered by this creatures humility.

“Yo-you are forgiven, Your Highness… I assume you all did the best. ” The kindly inventor told him, allowing the prince to get up. As the prince rose, Morris gave a sad smile.

“Don’t let this failure get to you, to any of you.” He addressed the other keyblade wielders.

“I know for a fact, that failure is a step toward success. I’m sure you’ll be able to save my daughter from whomever took her.” He admitted as a few mulled his words. The Beast perked up upon hearing this.

“Then might I offer you to stay in the castle as a honored guest, of course.” The prince added, hoping to try and get more on his potential father in law’s good graces.

The inventor gave some thought to it. “Well if you insist then I guess I can lay low here, since the town has painted me as crazed lunatic or a monster…again.” The inventor gave in, allowing the Beast to smile.

“Then Ms.Potts, if you please, show our guest to his room.” The prince requested, and the inventor was escorted by the plump woman. “Come with me love.” The plump British woman requested.

“ Oh why thank you, Miss.” It. seems my daughter has more interesting friends, lovely meeting you two,” Morris called out to Donald and Goofy.

Everyone turned to Donald and Goofy.

“Now, King Mickey is sick, care to explain how we can help?” Aqua asked again, noticing the very worried look on Namine’s face.

The two Disney Kingdom protectors pulled out a book, showing a golden sun flower.

“We tried everything to cure him, but nothing worked, till we found this.” The duck mage said, as he pointed to the flower. “We found out this flower can heal anything, but we can’t get into the world where it’s at!” Donald said

“We kept getting blasted away by these bad guy ships, and we was hoping for your help, Sora, but since your busy” Goofy went on.

“We’d be more then happy to help, and I’ll have Sora, Riku, and Kairi go with you to secure this flower. While the rest will remain with me, while we search for Belle and the other keyblade wielders.” Aqua ordered. However Namine, Roxas, Xion, and Lea raised their hands like they were in class.

“Yes?” Aqua asked, looking to Namine first.

“ I’d actually like to go help cure King Mickey, he did me a kindness that I need to repay.” Namine explained.

Aqua thought about this and gave her an understanding nod. She turned to Lea, Roxas and Xion.

“Yeah, Boss I need to take Roxas, and Xion to Twilight Town, it’s private.” The flame keyblade wielder requested.

“Is this important?” Aqua asked, her eye brow slightly raised up in suspicion against her skirt chasing student. He however gave her a dead serious look.

“It’s very important to us.” Lea told his keyblade master. Lea then turned to Sora. “Sorry Sora, but I gotta tell these two a few things that you weren’t ever in the loop for.” Lea said, and Sora nodded in understanding.

“Very well Lea, go to Twilight Town, but you’ll meet with the rest of us in Traverse Town.” Aqua ordered.

They understood as many started to put on their armor and prepare for space travel once again. While the Beast went to say his goodbyes to the staff and his possible father in law.

Donald and Goofy were getting the ship started, while Sora, Kairi, Riku, and Namine were getting inside the Gummi ship. Roxas, Xion and Lea were seeing them off. Well Roxas and Lea were seeing them off. Xion was trying to hug the stuffing out of them, starting with Sora.

“Ohhh, I'm gonna miss you Big Bro!” Xion cried.

“I'm gonna miss you too Xion, but we’ll see each other soon.” Sora promised, while hugging her back.

“Oh, Roxas don’t go off doing anything dumb okay?” Sora teased.

“Who do you think I am, you?” Roxas teased back.

“Well you two kinda were for a bit.” Riku laughed at their expense.

Namine looked at Roxas. “Roxas…I have something for you.” She said softly as Roxas looked at her.

Namine revealed to him, a yellowed painted Star Necklace.

“It’s my own Lucky Charm, I put a Protection spell on it.” Namine said giving it to Roxas.

“Wow, thanks, but…I don’t have anything for you.” He said sadly.

“That’s fine, just be sure to return it.” Namine giving him a Kairi like wink.

Both Sora, and Roxas, were blushing hard. while Lea, Riku, Xion,Donald and Goofy were trying to hold back a laugh. Kairi could see Namine was trying so hard to keep it cool, but she was starting to see her crack. The princess of heart thought it was time to bail out her sister.

“Okay guys we gotta go, see you later.” Kairi said, dragging Namine inside the ship.. Before Riku got on board he was stopped by Xion.

“Boop!” Xion said in a cute voice, while she touched Riku’s nose and ran off to Roxas and Lea. Riku’s face was bright red, looking very confused as Kairi also dragged him into the ship. The Gummi ship’s engine’s started and it took off to the stars. Lea then looked at Xion

“What was that all about?” Lea asked curiously.

“Oh just a thing, and Roxas’s got a crush!” Xion teased.

“Xion, shut up I do not!” Roxas protested but his face was doing a bad job hiding his feelings.

“Namine, and Roxas, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Xion sang as Roxas groaned.

“Now, now Xion, lets not torment the boy. Lets go to Twilight Town first, and then we can torment him over his crush on Namine.” Lea said with a smirk.

“Yay, lets go to Twilight Town!” Xion cried out, as Lea put his arm over Roxas’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry buddy, I’ll teach you all of my secret flirting techniques. Listen to me, and you’ll have so many girlfriends.” The fire user bragged.

Roxas rolled his eyes.

“So your dooming me to the single life forever. Ouch Lea, I thought you were my best friend.” Roxas playfully teased .

Lea in turn elbowed him, while Xion giggled.

“Ha ha, very funny.” Lea said dryly, as the three put on their armor and flied off to Twilight Town.

Sora sat on his familiar chair in the Gummi ship. It hadn’t changed since he left it, well expect for the few extra chairs Kairi was trying to calmed down the flustered Namine. Sora closed his eyes to rest a little bit, but they snapped back open seeing that giant pair of red eyes. This time Sora could make out a very large form behind those eyes. They were still ways away for their destination Riku,and Goofy were talking, and Namine was drawing in her sketch pad. Feeling bored Kairi was hoping to try something.

“So can I drive?” Kairi asked Donald as she tapped his shoulder.

“No!” Donald quickly snapped.

“Oh come on, I can drive a Keyblade, I’m sure I could drive a Gummi ship no problem!” Kairi protested.

“Good for you, but your not driving this Gummi ship.” Donald grumbled stubbornly, holding on to the wheel.

“Oh come on Donald, a little bit of time with the wheel won’t hurt anyone.” Sora offered having woken up.

“NOOOO!!!!!” The Duck mage shouted.

“Oh come on you always act like this!” Sora shouted, getting a little annoyed.

“Um guys!” Riku wanted to point something out.

“I just want to fly for a little bit is all!” Kairi went on.

“Fellas, we should really be looking at where we're going.” Goofy added, but was being ignored like Riku had been;

“WELL ITS NOT HAPPENING AND THAT’S FINAL!!!” Donald shouted at the top of his lungs, and whatever Goofy, and Riku had been trying to warn them about, it was already to late, hearing a loud WHAM!

“What the?!” Mostly everyone said as two lifeforms were trapped on their windshield like large bugs. One was a big eyed small furry, skinny orange creature with a long green cowboy hat with a yellow star on it, and some socks and sneakers. The other one looked like a light blue, possibly female looking bi peddle dinosaur horse mix of the saddle on it’s back and reigns on his mouth meant anything. Kairi thought the alien looked like a magenta haired yoshi.

“Hey fellas!” The orange fuzzball waved with the enthusiasm that would match, rival and beat Sora. “I'm Wander, and this is my buddy Sylvia… Any chance you can maybe lend us a hand?” Wander introduced himself and his companion.

“Since your ship crashed into our bubble and all.” Sylvia said dryly.

Everyone looked at Sora, Donald and Kairi.

“Whoops, our bad guys, we’ll get you inside.” Sora and Kairi said, while Donald quaked in embarrassment.

With some help the two were on the Gummi Ship.

“Thanks.” Wander said, while shaking everyone’s hands.

“No problem. I'm Sora, that’s Donald, Riku, Goofy, Kairi, and Namine.” Sora introduced.

“Nice to meet you. So where ya’ll headed in such a hurry?” Wander asked.

“We’re trying to find a magic flower that’ll heal our King friend.” Kairi told him.

Wander looked like he was thinking while poking his tree black hairs by his chin.

“Oh well then you people need to turn around, cause at this rate….” Wander said, trying to turn the Gummi ship away.

Only to be right next to a large imposing looking ship shaped like a Skull from a metal album cover. It was slowly pulling them in, as the ship open it’s mouth, showing a red carpet tongue.

“Right into Lord Hater’s clutches.” Sylvia grumbled as she smacked her forehead.

“Who’s Lord Hater?” Sora asked.

“Some jerk who think he’s the greatest villain in the universe. When really he’s a total diva.” Riku stated, causing Kairi to snicker.

“Not a bad way of saying it kid.” Sylvia commented.

“Well guys, lets get to fighting.” Kairi said summoning her keyblade, and the others did the same. Sylvia and Wander looked at Sora, Riku, and Kairi’s keyblade. “Hey Wander, these guys got the same Key you got.” The blue beast of burden shouted.

“Huh?” All six heroes asked.

“Oh right.” Wander said, and in the his hand was a keyblade of his very own. Looking like a mix between a key and a banjo, with a bubble wand as it’s keychain.

“No way!” Sora said impressed.

“You got to be kidding me.” Riku said in disbelief .

“Well looks like we more pals for the ride. Now lets kick this Hater guys butt!” Kairi said, however as they landed the Gummi ship was blasted to bits by green lightning, Our heroes were safe thanks to a Protect spell. Sadly they were surrounded by heartless eyeball henchmen with laser guns, and a green eyed Skeleton dressed in a red and black robe with yellow gloves, shooting out more green lighting.

“Hello Wander, Sylvia, and other losers! Welcome to your doom! At the hands of Lord Hater: The greatest Villain in the universe!” The skull overlord declared, as everyone heard a guitar riff in the background.

“You called it Riku, total diva, and a bit of a ham.” Kairi joked, making Riku grin, and Lord Hater’s blood pressure rise.

“Are…those…eyeball people?” Namine asked a bit weird out.

“Yep. Watch Dogs.” Sylvia muttered.

“Hi Hater, oil buddy” Wander said happily waving at the villain like he was his friend.

“I'M NOT YOUR BUDDY!!!” Lord Hater screamed as he opened fire, and everyone else got running.

End of Chapter 8.
Kingdom Hearts this is our story Ch. 8.
Been far too long guys.  Well sometimes you can't always work on the stories you want to.

Now if anyone is wondering who the new characters are they are from a great Disney show called Wander Over Yonder, a show about a two friends a space pacifist do gooder and his butt whooping friend, fighting off villains or at least trying to befriend them.


Not saying suckers
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hello all, I'm a half blind lover of God, and many other things. I write, I draw, I voice act, I mostly enjoy, movies, video games, anime, music, and TV. Also i love the ladies.

Don't let this be forgotten, spread this around. Do not let these deaths be allowed to happened again. We exist because God wants us to be.

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